#16 Chuck Mercier's Pennsy (Altoona to Cresson)

The railroad is 20’ x 25’ and is located on the second floor of the garage. It is set in the summer of 1956 and the scenery is near 100% complete. It is operated by wireless DCC and operations consist of moving trains up and down the 1.8% east slope of the Alleghany Mountains adding and dropping helper engines at Altoona and Cresson respectively. Switching operations are limited to the Altoona yard, a coal mine and a couple of other industries due to the nature of the prototype location. Steam power along with first and some second generation diesels are used as motive power. Most of the structures are commercial kits with some being kit bashed. The future effort is to replace the structures with scratch built and craftsman kits more representative of the prototype. Current activities consist of installing structure lighting and weathering equipment. You can see more information and photos of the railroad at www.pennsylvaniarailroad.org.